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Applying wall cladding panels is a job for specialised companies. These companies possess a great deal of knowledge and experience and realise the importance of high-quality fastening materials. Simsons products are an obvious choice, particularly given the increasing popularity of decorative wall cladding panels.

As a manufacturer of adhesives for wall cladding panels, Simson has been market leader in this sector for many years. Thanks to its extensive practical experience all over the world and cooperation with leading manufacturers of wall cladding panels, Simson has proven to be a reliable partner in business. Simson devotes a great deal of attention to this specific discipline and invests extensively in innovative adhesive systems.

The bonding of wall cladding panels is becoming increasingly popular in comparison with traditional mechanical fastening methods. The main reason for this is the fact that bonding methods are invisible to the outside observer and place fewer demands on the construction to which the panels are applied. Adhesive bonds are durable and ensure an even distribution of forces over the entire surface of the panel, thus avoiding a concentration of forces at one or several points.

Flexible adhesives follow the expansion of the panels and absorb forces acting upon the panels. In addition to these technical considerations, bonding also ensures more freedom in design and reduces assembly times.

Quality is the main thing in the bonding of wall cladding panels. The panels are exposed to various loads and must therefore be anchored immovably, regardless of the type of material used (which can vary widely) and the properties of that material.

That is why Simson has chosen to offer developed systems for different types of wall cladding panels. The best choice is an adhesive system that is perfectly geared to the material used, the properties and dimensions of the panels, and the conditions to which they will be exposed.

Simson develops and tests the various adhesive systems in consultation with panel manufacturers. This process eventually results in complete certainty that the panels can be durably bonded. Simsons adhesive systems are tested by independent testing institutes and given a KOMO quality mark.

Specific adhesive systems are available for the following types of wall cladding panel:
- Trespa Meteon
- Ki-Kern
- Bruynzeel Multipanel
- Eternit Glasal NT & Eterflex
- Ornimat
- Rockpanel
- Wisa SP ECO

The adhesives guide for wall cladding panels helps users find the best system for all practical applications.
Click here for a general description of Simsons adhesive systems for wall cladding panels.

Наименование Краткое описание
Bostik 1566 Tatningsmassa Однокомпонентная пластичная мастика на основе масел для наружных работ.
Bostik 2637 Однокомпонентная мастика на основе полиуретана для уплотнения конструкционных швов.
Bostik PU 2639 Однокомпонентная мастика на основе полиуретана для уплотнения конструкционных швов, например швов в панельных домах, вентфасадах, доборных элементов кровли и т.п.
Bostik 2639 Uretan Metall Полиуретановая мастика для уплотнения конструкционных швов металлических изделий в промышленности. Выдерживает некоторое абразивное воздействие.
Bostik SIL 95В Нейтральный силиконовый герметик для общестроительных работ
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